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Mutual Trust and Cooperation to Build A Police-Enterprise Cooperation Mechanism

Create Time:2019-03-07

In order to further promote the province’s efforts to fight against IPR infringement crimes and effectively improve the law enforcement capacity and level of Shandong Economic Crimes Investigation Department (Shandong ECID), ECID Corps of Shandong Public Security Bureau (PSB) held the Training on Criminal Enforcement Protecting Intellectual Property Rights of Shandong ECID in 2018”in Jinan from December 11th to 13th. On the afternoon of December 12, in the training unit of “Police-enterprise Cooperation Mechanism”, QBPC member companies and Shandong ECID communicated on the infringements of company IPR, the identification of genuine and counterfeit products and the construction of police-enterprise cooperation mechanism. It is of great significance to further deepen the cooperation between QBPC and the Shandong ECID in the protection of intellectual property rights.


In the first section of the training unit “Identification of Genuine and Counterfeit Products”, Johnson & Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive, Danone and WD-40 Company displayed genuine and counterfeit products and conducted face-to-face interactions with leaders and team leaders of Shandong ECID participating this training. In the following sections, representatives of Beiersdorf, Caterpillar, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, LVMH Fashion Group, TWE, Wahl and WD-40 Company presented the introduction of brands, industry and product characteristics, identification of genuine and counterfeit products, current situation of IPR infringements and criminal case about IPR. And the representatives from Apple, BP, Chemours Chemical, Danone, Michael Kors, Merck, Novozymes, SD-3C and other members attended the meeting.

Executive Director of Criminal Protection of Louis Vuitton in Greater China Region, Florence Tam analyzed the current situation of China’s market of counterfeit luxury brand luggage and difficulties in cracking down on the cross-border and Internet case involved in sales of counterfeit luxury brand luggage. She also shared her rich experience of cooperation in the investigation and evidence collection process from the view of right holders. Colin Chen, QBPC Vice ChairDirector of Johnson & Johnson Global Security Department in Asia-pacific Region, introduced the formation, purpose and mission of QBPC. He stated the cooperation between QBPC and ECID of national PSB and Shandong PSB. Finally, he put forward some thoughts on several difficult problems of counterfeiting registered trademarks. He stressed that QBPC and its member enterprises are willing to cooperate with Shandong ECID for mutual trust, exchange, cooperation and common progress.

On August 1, 2017, ECID Corps of Shandong PSB and QBPC signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Strengthening Criminal Protection Cooperation in Intellectual Property Rights. As emphasized by the opening speech of Mr. Gao Bin, over the years, the Corps has always attached great importance to the cooperation with QBPC and its member companies, organized the centralized police force to crack down infringement and crimes and effectively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of right holders. The local economic investigation departments and some of QBPC member companies have established a good cooperation mechanism with remarkable results. The QBPC and member companies expressed their sincere gratitude to the Shandong ECID for its long-term attributes of crackdown on infringement crimes and the enforcement for the rights and interests of the rights holders. QBPC is willing to further strengthen mutual trust and cooperation with the Shandong ECID to create a cooperation mechanism for intellectual property protection.